So it hits you…  The idea of the century.  The perfect niche website.

Maybe you were drifting off to sleep and you sat upright.  Maybe you were driving the same route to work that you always take and your mind was wandering.  Wherever you were, your muse found you, and now you have a burning hot idea for a website seared into your mind.

There’s only one issue:  You don’t know the first thing about setting up a website.

So now what?  Take the months or years to learn code?  Sift through the dozens of html editors that can be a whole learning curve in themselves?  Drop some coin on a web developer?

This exact point is where many people are left at a dead end.  In our web immersed world, they don’t know how to bring their ideas to life.  They are, in a sense, illiterate.

Skip the Headaches and Bring Your Ideas to Life

And this is exactly why WordPress stands out.  It makes the process of creating website about as difficult as setting up a Facebook profile.  Within minutes, an experienced WordPress user can have a powerful web entity up and running to support any idea.

And this is exactly why you should learn WordPress.  So that you can bring your ideas to life quickly.  From scratch to live within minutes.

Most people just need some hand holding to get them started.  A little bit of guidance to help them past the sticking points.  And that is exactly what the WordPress courses in the Bionic U Library are designed to do:  To guide you step by step with full video tutorials.

Look for the WordPress Resource Center in the Members Area:


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