When historians look back to our time for the innovations that stood out the most, WordPress could very well rival the printing press as far as it’s impact on the world.  No other platform gives a person more power to express their ideas with the canvas of their website.  It takes away the staggering learning curve that web developers used to have, and lets a person have a site up and running within minutes.  Even if they’re a complete newbie.


You’re Not Out of the Woods Yet

There is, however, still a pretty significant learning curve when it comes to getting started, and many people hit a wall when it comes to the shear vastness of the options available when they start their journey with WordPress.  Setting up domain names and hosting.  Tens of thousands of options for plugins and themes.  A new set of system controls to learn with every page, theme,  and plugin.  It can be daunting for the beginner (and even sometimes for the experienced WordPress user).


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Overwhelm Can Happen to the Best of Us

If you find yourself stuck or struggling to get your WordPress site up and running (or you’re hungry to add some firepower to your already incredible site), you are not alone.  It’s actually fairly common for people to get bogged down in the trial and error process it takes to get their arms around the enormity that is the potential of the WordPress Platform.  The backside of a freeware program designed to let a person be independent is that you end up working alone, especially if you get stuck somewhere.  It’s not uncommon for people to end up stuck on a problem for days or weeks while they try to dig a solution out of the blogs, forums, or youtube.  And usually, the problem could have been avoided with just a little bit of guidance.


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The Ultimate WordPress

How To Guide

People are capable of amazing things.  Where they often need help is getting started, and all it usually takes is a little bit of hand holding to get them out of the starter blocks.  Think about when you were a kid trying to learn how to ride your bike or swim.  Sure, you needed hand holding at first.  But once you got your bearings, you were off and running (and probably at a speed that made people cringe).  The Ultimate WordPress How To Guide is designed to do exactly that:  To reduce or eliminate the frustration and wasted time it takes with the trial and error most people go through to get up to speed with the WordPress platform.


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Here are just some of the things covered in the tutorial library:


  • How to set up your domain name and avoid some common beginner mistakes
  • How to set up your hosting, and the service that will help complete newbs if they get stuck
  • How to install WordPress with point and click simplicity – no complex File Transfer Protocol software
  • How to set up your wordpress software quickly and easily
  • How to create pages and posts
  • The best plugins to use to make your site a powerful presence online


Visit Bionic U Homepage – The Ultimate WordPress Guide


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