Unbeknownst to most people except a select few, I have been doggedly working away at a project for the last couple of years.  The motivation behind it is simple:

I’m sick of peoples potential being wasted.  I’m tired of people feeling like they have no options.  And, most importantly, I’m going to do something about it.  I’m lining the stars up so that people can take control of their situation.

For the last three years or so, I have been in a cocoon of sorts.  Changing, growing, collecting what I need in the form of skills, knowledge, resources, and contacts.  Putting all of the ingredients together to unleash a shockwave that will free anyone from the 9 to 5 life of just enough money to pay their bills, hardly any vacation time per year.  Having to ask for a pay raise.  Or time off.  Or, to be frank, anything less than the life of their, or your, dreams.

What have I brought together, you may be asking?  Here’s part of the list:

I taught myself how to build a business machine.  Some might say I learned how to build websites, but it goes far beyond that.  I’ve learned how to create a web based machine that attracts, sorts, qualifies, and keeps in touch with an ever expanding base of prospects.  This level of automation allows a person to amplify their message and value proposition far beyond what anyone could do on their own.  It can turn anyone into a true giant within their industry, just as it already as for the giants that I’ve learned it from.

To feed this machine, I’ve learned how to use search engines and a whole plethora of social media tactics to drive traffic.  That detonation is only just beginning…

I searched high and low and found a partner company that lets me make a tidy fortune from people paying the bills they pay every day already.  In the state that the economy is in and the mindset it’s created, anyone that thinks they can build a business of any kind that depends on people having excess cash is living in a dream.  Discretionary income just isn’t a vast ocean anymore, and won’t be for a while.  I get paid from people pay their phone bills, cable bills, internet bills, and in some states, their gas and electric.  The stuff they have to pay in most cases.  Sitting pretty I am, true story.

Over the past few years, I have been steadily filling my Rolodex with the kinds of people that can change the world.  And yes, anyone “can” change the world.  We all have that potential.  These people are actually doing it.  People with skillsets like “build a business from the ground up whenever they want within months” or “form a stock based company out of thin air” and have the millions to prove it.  Best of all, they’re mentoring me to stand in their shoulders.

But here’s the best part of all of this:  All of these things I’m bringing together so that people have access to them.  Anyone that wants something better out of their life can have it.  The way is being lit.

My resolution for 2012 is simple:  I’m lighting the fuse on the massive potential I’ve brought together, and anyone that wants to come with me is welcome.

Until Next Time…

Ben Wehde

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Ben Wehde

Ben Wehde is a leader in the crusade to help more people break free of their dependence on employers. He trains people on how to develop stronger business presences through both online and offline methods. Learn more about Ben Wehde by clicking here.

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