Getting your start in any business is tough, and network marketing is no exception.  Learning your products, learning the sales process, setting up your website, then your sales funnel, then…  the list just goes on and on.  Sure, once you get down the road a ways and have some results to show for your efforts, things get easier.  In fact, they almost become second nature.  But getting the stone rolling is tough.  In this article, you will learn how to get your first 100 leads, and take a lot of the complication out of it.

Of course, you want to start with your warm market.  The good old friends and family list.  There is a very popular paradigm online preaching to stay away from your friends and family, but why?  If what you have to offer as far as products or an opportunity is helpful, why would you deprive them?

But after that, what do you do?  You certainly don’t want to burn out your personal market too much, and nobody likes that friend that runs out of leads and suddenly becomes the desperate network marketer.

The timeless principle of attraction is the easiest place to start expanding your list.  You’ve probably seen courses explaining this in depth, but the idea merits a refresher:

You offer something of value in exchange for a persons information, which is added to your opt in list.  This allows you to continue ongoing contact with them, and the chance to continue developing your brand with that person.  Your “Know, like and trust” factor with that person, if you will, as well as them knowing where to turn when they are looking for what you offer.

But where do you start?  For the big fish out there with the six figure incomes (sometimes per month) and the big budget to use on advertising, there are unlimited things they can offer to attract people to them, since they know the way to a very popular goal (their massive income).  But what about the person that’s trying to get started the first time?

Here’s where I started.  It’s what helped me break the leads code and start getting those first leads when I had nothing to show as far as success is concerned:

Step One:  Start with what you know (and can show)

Offering guides, reports, and videos is all about results you can prove.  If you’re brand new in business (especially the mlm game), this might seem tough, but it’s remarkably easy.  Sure, it will be nice when you’re clearing $10,000 a month, because you can offer the “how I did it” for that very attractive goal.  But you can’t start there.

Start by offering simple, step by step solutions to issues most people are struggling with.  Here’s a list of things you can use, just to get your creative juices flowing:

  • How to do something technical, like set up a web page or a capture page.  It’s easy to demonstrate your ability here, since they can see you do the work and then immediately see the result.  And you would be amazed at how many people will find the knowledge you take for granted to be a godsend.
  • How to set up and use a service that is confusing or overwhelming.  This one is a big one, since many popular services overwhelm people with features they usually don’t end up using, and don’t have to alter.  Take their hand, guide them step by step.
  • A guide of services that you use, like a tool box list, and what each resource does for you (a great place to weave affiliate links as well).  This may not seem useful on the surface, but the value is the amount of time you are saving that person in avoiding stuff that doesn’t work as promised.

To see some of the ones I used to get my first 100 leads, click here.

Step Two:  As you start have success from your starter offerings, use those results to offer information on how you reached that success.

This is where your success starts to build on itself.  A lot of people are stuck on how to get started.  Just by breaking through that barrier, you have something to offer others.  This lets you offer more attractive information out there in the market place, and draw even more people to you.  As more people come to you, you have even more results to show, which lets you offer information for those results. The avalanche doesn’t take much, once you get it started. Once it’s going, it feeds on itself.

Some Pitfalls to Avoid…

Some people may feel tempted to use false claims to draw subscribers.  This may have a short run of success, but it’s a great way to build a ticking time bomb that will destroy your reputation the day that the truth comes out.  Even if it takes you a bit longer, always stick to the truth.  The internet has a pretty impressive ability to spread news in a hurry.  You don’t want your reputation to be a bad headline.

There is a new system around every corner promising to let you leverage other successful people in order to gather leads for yourself.  While these can give you a great boost, keep a couple of things in mind:

Be sure to weave a lot of your own value in with what they’re getting from the token guru.  Sure, you got them on your list by offering materials from someone else.  But what are you doing to brand yourself in your prospects mind?  It’s common to hear about someone getting leads through a generic system, only to have their prospects drawn toward person in the bait offering because they didn’t really know whose list they were on afterwards.

Where to start…

The most important thing is to get started.  Results won’t appear from thinking about it alone.  Start watching your facebook friends and see what they’re stuck on, and then help them past that issue.  Or think about issues you’ve helped people past already.  You could even ask a question of people on your facebook or twitter list to see what kinds of things people are stuck on, and then offer a guide to solve that issue. These are great places to start with helpful information to offer and start building that all important opt in list.

Ben Wehde

Ben Wehde is a leader in the crusade to help more people break free of their dependence on employers. He trains people on how to develop stronger business presences through both online and offline methods. Learn more about Ben Wehde by clicking here.

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