How to Get Leads to Chase You

Shut-up-and-take-my-moneyProspecting.  Marketing.  Branding.  Sales funnels.  All of these things are really meant to get you to a certain point in your business:  So many people know that you are an expert at what you do that you have a non stop stream of leads and prospects beating down your door to do business with you.  In this article, you will learn how to get leads and prospects to chase you.

Step One:  Listen Closely

The value you hold in the marketplace is determined by how well you can help people solve their problems.  In order to solve their problems, you need to know what those problems are to begin with.  Some easy ways to do this:

Meditate on the sticking points you have, or have had.  The fact is that if you’ve worked past some hurdles, there are other people facing them that will need help.

Conversation and observation.  Be a listening post for people to vent their problems.  Buried within their gripes are nuggets of gold, and you will start to notice common issues that people have.  Another great way to find needs is to pay close attention to the conversation in niche related forums and social media groups or networking events.

What did I do for this stage:  I took stock of the issues I had faced along the way, and found that I had conquered a huge sticking point for a lot of people:  Being able to set up a website as easy as most people draw out their ideas on the back of a napkin.  It had taken me a lot of trial, error, and wrong turns, but I’d made my way through the maze and became pretty handy with the process of setting up a website anytime I wished.  When I looked around, I found people in every direction I looked stuck and frustrated with this issue.  (I then went on to make a series of video tutorials that show you how to do this, which you can visit by clicking here:  Setting up a Basic Blog or Website)

A crucial element that people miss during this part of the process:  When you are deciding how you are going to help people, pick something you really love.  If you are passionate, you will be able to keep working long past when other people burn out because they aren’t really interested in the work to begin with.

For me, building websites (and WordPress itself) is like candy.  I can’t get enough of it.  It’s better than video games.  Since I can’t keep my hands off of it anyways, it works out that I am also able to provide a service to other people this way, so it was easy to turn it into a business.  And I never tire of it.

Step Two:  Increase Your Value Through Skills and Knowledge

Once you’ve got some ideas on things that people need (and that you will love to help them with), start accumulating knowledge and skills as fast as you can.  Make it your art form, and seek to be the best you can, alway improving along the way.  The more hurdles you work your way past, the more hurdles you will be able to help other people with.

To make this process happen even faster, it is helpful to accumulate a collection of mentors.  This will come naturally, as you will find your way to their information and resources as you are searching for answers to solve problems.  A good mentor will accelerate you along your learning curve because they can help you skip all the dead ends.  This is priceless.

What I did for this stage:  I became a relentless consumer of information.  The more information that I consumed, verified, and tested, the more solutions I had to offer people.  The more people I was able to start helping, the more word spread about me knowing what I was doing.  Trust me when I tell you that there will come a point in time where people will actually become angry with you if you don’t allow them to pay you for your help.  I actually had to create new products in order to answer to people demanding them.

Step Three:  Become Known for Your Ability to Help

It doesn’t do you or anybody else any good if you can help people with the issues that plague them…  and nobody knows about it.  The more people that know you can help them solve their issues, the better things will be for you and for them.

A simple process to start taking your message to people (and brand yourself as an expert in the process) is to start offering helpful information in your niche.  You can do this through workshops, articles, videos, webinars, and other platforms where you can teach.  Attend networking events where you are encouraged to share what you do.  Tell your friends what you can do.  Become an evangelist of your own message, helping everyone you can get your hands on.  The more people you teach with your helpful information, the more people will start to be drawn to you for your valuable skills and knowledge.

What I did for this stage:  I started to take everything I was learning and combine it into a members area (you can take a tour of that by clicking here:  members area).  At the same time, I started hosting workshops at a local coffee shop to show people how to set up their websites (at these workshops, I was making sure they were purchasing the products and services they needed through my affiliate links for some initial income).  To promote these workshops, I attended local networking events (you can find tons of these on  and inviting my friends through email and facebook.

A surprise came from these workshops:  People that attended the workshops started pursuing me to teach the information I was presenting at local business organizations.  They were inviting me, and this is a key piece of wisdom that came from the experience:  Become good at something the world needs, and the world will very happily figure out how you can help it.  And will pay you for it.  Nowadays, I have people beating down my door, asking if they can pay me to help them put their ideas together.

Bonus:  The Video Series That Gave Me the Idea

I would love to say that I came up with all of this on my own, but the fact is that I was inspired, coached, and mentored by someone far greater than myself.  I just stood on their shoulders.  The good news is that they have a free video series that shows you how to start attracting people to you at will that you can get access to here:  Free Attraction Marketing Bootcamp.

Ben Wehde

Ben Wehde is a leader in the crusade to help more people break free of their dependence on employers. He trains people on how to develop stronger business presences through both online and offline methods. Learn more about Ben Wehde by clicking here.

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  1. LucDespres says:

    Excellent post Ben! Finding a need, educating yourself with the solution and marketing that solution is a perfect and simple system for becoming a valuable expert in the marketplace.

    Thank you for your leadership Ben :)

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