To say that Facebook is the most overlooked goldmine for a small business marketer is probably the greatest understatement of all time (although I’m open to suggestions for a better one…).  No other portal in history has allowed a person to find, and quickly network with, more people with specific niche interests with as much ease.  And, to top it off, most of this can be done for free.

This crash course is designed to help you do exactly that:  Use Facebook like your own personal goldmine for the kind of connections you need to better your life and business.

Before we proceed, however, a key point to take note of:  I didn’t say “leads” or “prospects.”  I said “connections.”  There is a huge difference between the two as far as far as the quality of your friends list.  Anyone can randomly friend request their way up to the 5,000 friends limit, and then spam out garbage with hopes to convert a percent or two (This is also a great way to get rapidly ignored and build a crappy reputation at the same time).

Or, you can have thousands of incredible, targeted, lifelong relationships develop with some of the most amazing people you could imagine.

This crash course is designed to empower you to open this treasure trove with three simple steps.  It’s simple and quick to implement so you can be off and running in no time.  Also, it will always be part of the free members section, so you’re welcome to pass it on to friends, coworkers, business associates, downline members, etc.


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Many people hesitate to use Facebook as a marketing tool because they aren’t comfortable with the idea of every little thing in their profile being open to public view, and for good reason.  The great news:  Facebook has a simple to use function that will let you lock away the more private areas of your profile to only those closest to you, and create a more “public side” for the people you meet and greet online.  This first module will move you quickly through the steps.


Module 1 - Secure Your Profile


You aren’t alone.  With over Six Billion people on the planet, there are more people like you than you can imagine.  In fact, they tend to gather in a variety of places on Facebook.  In this module, you’ll learn how to find these areas so you can start connecting and filling your life with like minded people.


Module 2 - Find Your Crowd


Are you a Chatty Cathy?  Or a Wilbur Wallflower?  How about a Sammy Sellsalot?  Either way, it doesn’t matter.  This module will guide you through getting into the conversations happening all over Facebook, and connecting with the people in them (without sticking your foot in your mouth in the process…)


Module 3 - Start the Conversation Right

Ben Wehde

Ben Wehde is a leader in the crusade to help more people break free of their dependence on employers. He trains people on how to develop stronger business presences through both online and offline methods. Learn more about Ben Wehde by clicking here.

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