Jim Earl Headshot

“…You Have Nailed It…”

“As a Co-Founder and CEO of Total Exposure Entertainment Marketing , LLC (TEEM, LLC) I want to first thank you personally for the professional and customer focused service you provide. As you know I have been watching you put together this endeavor for sometime. You have nailed it. Your blend of up-front design support, great educational tutorials and forums have become an integral part of our ability to provide our clients with the very best products available in the WP web design space.

“Benjamin – Teem looks forward to a long association with you and your services. business done well is rare – done well and correctly is even more so.  You do both.”

Jim Earl – CEO TEEM, LLC



 Andrea Heart Headshot

“…Thanks for making it so easy…”

“I can’t thank Ben Wehde enough! I needed my own website to help take my business to the next level. I wasn’t a computer savvy person. But, I also didn’t want to spend a ton of money having someone create a site for me.”

“Luckily, a friend told me to check out Ben Wehde’s services. With the help of his easy to follow instructions, I was able to create a great website. His tutorials gave me the skills & confidence I needed to take action & do it myself. Without his help, I wouldn’t have dreamed of creating a website on my own. Thanks Ben for making it so easy!”

Andrea Heart

Owner – AndreaHeartFitness.com

“…A lightbulb went off…”

“I want to start by saying Thank You to Ben. He has been a true inspiration and a driving force behind me taking what I do and giving it a web presence. I have hesitated on this part due to the lack of knowledge and the overwhelming feelings from trying to learn how to put a site together.”

“After countless hours I came to this site. From the moment I signed up and started watching the videos, A “LIGHTBULB” went off in my head and everything became much clearer. I now tell and show everyone I come into contact with that are trying to create their own site. Sign up, You will be glad you did. Ben has made this process simple and seamless. I hope to see your site come to life as I have.”

Jaysun Baez

Owner – www.JaysunBaez.com

“…Ben took that load off my shoulders…”

“I call Ben Wehde “The Missing Link.” The demand for website marketing has been steadily rising among my clients. I was getting bogged down, trying to learn WordPress the DIY way so I could help my clients better.”

“Ben took that load off my shoulders – and it’s like play for him. But most of all, Ben solves the “I’m not a salesman” puzzle for us regular folk who are just trying to run a business. Like me, Ben believes that real service is helping people take off – to be better equipped to do what they really love to do.- and that’s the truth!”

Elizabeth Martin

Creative Workflow Strategist, Owner – APerspectiveOnline.com

“…I couldn’t believe how fast my website came to life…”

“Benjamin Wehde’s WordPress videos made it so easy for me to build my own website. I had no experience with building a website. I didn’t know anything about domain names, hosting, or WordPress. But, I needed to create a website for my business.”

“Benjamin’s videos walked me step by step through building my site. I was so impressed with how he explained things so clearly. He had a video for everything. I couldn’t believe how fast my website came to life. Now, I have a great tool for building my business online. I can’t thank Benjamin enough. I would recommend his videos to anyone wanting to create a website. If I can do it, anyone can do it.”

Miranda Allen

Owner – FitMirandaAllen.com

 Suha Sagban Headshot

“…Benjamin Wehde really empowered me…”

“My name is Suha and I love digging into the core of people, it’s what I do best. So, when I was told that I had to setup a blog to spread the message I wanted the world to hear-I cringed like most of you. I had a Gold membership with one of the leading marketing systems and I still got nowhere until I met Ben.”

“Benjamin Wehde really empowered me to be in control of my site. Today, I am more confident of the creative ways in which I can reach the world. The resources available on his website are super valuable, I personally think he gives away far too much for free . Thank you Ben for doing what you do. Your site actually makes sense to me.”

Suha Sagban

Owner – SuhaSagban.com

“…Ben Wehde is truly a WordPress guru…”

“Ben Wehde is phenomenal! What more can I say? I can say that from the moment I met him he has helped me, shown me how to build my website, increase my traffic and help me through the initial stages of making my website and business work. He is a great motivator and inspirational speaker. I’m amazed at the wealth of knowledge in that head of his and his knowledge is practical, critical, important and applicable. Always available, always patient, always practical and always there for the people he helps.”

“Ben Wehde is truly a WordPress guru. The Best ever. Why am I bragging about Ben? Because he is for real. I tried 3 times to get my website built before being introduced to Ben. I never got what I paid for. Ben helped me mold my final website into what I wanted and continued to coach me and help me get it where it needs to be. I am well satisfied now and I owe it all to Ben. Thank you for your patience, understanding and expertise. You’re the best!”

Barbara Charles

Owner – BarbaraCharles.org

 Lawrence McKay

“…You’ve been a God-send…”


Just wanted to thank you for ALL of the times you’ve helped me with my technical issues. You’ve been a God-send when it comes to figuring out issues with my blog and my business since the day we met. Your advice and guidance are worth your weight in platinum, forget gold. You’ve never given me a tip or trick that hasn’t paid off 10-fold. Thanks again for all of your assistance and if I can ever return the favor don’t hesitate to ask.”

Lawrence McKay

Owner – Ante Up Fitness