Hello, and welcome, I’m glad you found me!

If you’re on this page, you’re probably asking yourself one main thing:  Who is Ben Wehde (pronounced “Wade”) anyways?

I’m going to try as hard as I can to keep that answer short, so you can get back to the good stuff and not have to look at my cheesy picture for too long.

Who I am and what I’m about (and what this site represents) is a simple mission:

To help you with the things I have found that have helped me.

In truth, I have been blessed with many things in my life.  I grew up poor, so having to work for anything I ever wanted began early.  While at the time, I wasn’t all that excited about being the kid in class with the shoes worn so thin that my socks showed through, I see now that it created an iron resolve that I am very grateful for. Along with it came a work ethic that borders on being a workaholic, especially if the activity at hand is enjoyable (Here I sit at 11:06pm writing this page…)

But the blessings didn’t stop there.  Throughout life, many wonderful and incredible mentors have crossed my path.  Some during the time spent growing up between Alaska, California, and Oregon.  Others while serving in the United States Air Force at NORAD.  On through my time in the mortgage industry, real estate investing, network marketing, as well as a variety of jobs here and there between, many wonderful teachers have had much to share.

Through all of this has been a central mission of my own:

To change the legacy of my family.

You see, growing up poor has shown me what I never want the future generations of my family to experience.  I have been on a mission to collect the knowledge that will break the poverty cycle.  Break the dependence on jobs.  To move my family away from being employees that break their back to build someone elses dreams.

In the process of finding this knowledge for myself, I have also collected information that is quite useful for others as well.  It is my intent to not only change my life and legacy, but to help any others that want the same for themselves and their families.  If I have my way about it, I will help in freeing as many people as I can from having their potential determined by others, as well as their income and schedule.

While there is much helpful information in the articles on this site, there is far more in the members area of our partner site, www.UnleashU.com.  I invite you to join so that I may connect you with as much of the helpful information I have found along the way as I can.